Lady Tears Out Part Of Bible Asking Wives To Be Submissive, Uses It To Smoke Weed (Photos)


A Twitter user identified as Priestess took to social media to share photos of herself using the Bible as a smoking paper after tearing out the part of the Bible that says wife must submit to their husband

Priestess shared a photo of Marijuana placed on an open Bible and showed other photos where she had torn out a page, put the weed inside, and rolled it to smoke.

She revealed that she tore out the part asking wives to submit to their husbands.

“Trust me to be petty and tear out the part that says “wifes submit….. blah blah blah” she wrote.

She further revealed that rolling weed with Bible was not so hard and that she will make it a continuous thing.

“Meanwhile the rolling wasn’t so hard. Infact. I think I’ll just stick to using the Bible😭😭😭 I love the way it feels while I roll and while I smoke it.” She said.

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