All-Russian Vote On Constitutional Amendments Begins


The all-Russian vote on constitutional amendments, postponed from April 22 due to the COVID-19 epidemic, began on Thursday.

Voting was originally scheduled to run for one day only on July 1, but election officials opened polls a week early to avoid overcrowding that could spread coronavirus infections.

Citizens can vote online, or at a polling station at their place of permanent registration or residence, according to instructions issued by the Central Election Commission.

“Our common most important task is that the results of the all-Russian vote be absolutely reliable and legitimate,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday during an online conference with members of the Russian Civic Chamber.

He recalled that the amendments did not require an all-Russian vote under the current Russian legislation, but he thought that it was extremely important that “people express their direct attitude to the proposed amendments.”

Putin said Sunday in a TV interview that he does not rule out the possibility of bidding for another presidential term if constitutional amendments are adopted.


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