Egypt Executes Libyan Militant Convicted Of Deadly Attack


Egypt executed on Saturday a Libyan militant convicted of carrying out a deadly terrorist operation near the capital Cairo in 2017, state TV reported.

The Libyan militant, identified as Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Abdullah al-Mismari, was arrested in Egypt after the two-day terrorist attack in October 2017 in the Western Desert near Al-Wahat highway of Giza Province, which left more than a dozen of policemen dead.

He was also convicted of holding hostage a policeman, who was later freed when the Egyptian forces raided the nearby mountainous areas, killed Mismari’s 15 fellow militants and arrested him alive.

The Egyptian investigation showed that Mismari received military training in Libya before infiltrating into Egypt through the Western Desert to establish a military camp as a nucleus for terrorist operations.

Mismari was sentenced to death by an Egyptian military court in mid-November 2019.

In early March, Egypt similarly executed Hesham al-Ashmawy, a leading terrorist who had been an Egyptian special forces officer before going to Libya where he led a terrorist group.

Egypt is keen on reaching a political settlement for the ongoing conflict in neighboring Libya, where instability poses a threat to the security of Egypt’s 1,200-km-long western borders.


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