How to Make Your Hair Longer and Thicker in 30 Days


Once in a while, we search for approaches to have sparkly long hair. All things considered, hair is something that can give your face an essential makeover. According to science, hair develops between 0.3 to 0.5 mm every day, 1 to 1.5 cm a month, and 12 to 15 cm a year. Hair likewise assumes acknowledgment for being the second quickest developing tissue in the body. Yet, we as a whole face some issues with respect to our hair.

At Bright Side, we wanted to relieve you a little by bringing together some tried and tested remedies to strengthen and grow your hair. You will start seeing the much-needed change after following the below remedies.

1. Make friends with scissors.

When you are dying to grow your hair out, getting scissors anywhere near your hair is like a nightmare. However, the reality is just the opposite of what you’re thinking. It’s advised to get a trim for your hair on a regular basis, and more often if you’re trying to grow it out.

Trimming your hair not only gets rid of your broken, split ends but also helps maintain the health of your hair. No split ends mean the damage won’t travel up to the roots, and you can flaunt the healthier, fuller version of your hair. And don’t forget, it’s much easier to style trimmed hair.

2. Never ditch your conditioner.

First, there’s a myth about the duration of keeping the conditioner on your hair and we have to tell you this just isn’t true. Against popular belief, the conditioner has instant beneficial effects on your hair. Other than that, it also saves us from towel damage which is the damage caused by wrapping our wet hair in a towel.

Don’t think conditioner is only for few particular hair types. It is a must to maintain the good health of all hair types. So apply conditioner after every wash and let your hair down!

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