Meet 21 year old Ellie, who looks like monkey eats grass, can’t speak and loves to stay in the jungle

Meet 21 year old Ellie, who looks like monkey eats grass

Born in 1999, the 21-year-old boy whose facial appearance closely takes after an African chimpanzee has been a subject of mock, bullying and he’s always being made fun of by a majority of his village mates.

But his life on earth has all been a miracle as explained by his mother.

His mother said that her child whose name is Zanzimana Ellie was born after she and her husband kneeled down before God and asked for a lasting gift.

That is her life, she had given birth to five children who perished one after the other upon being born and it got her and her husband really worried.

For their sixth child who turned out to be Ellie, the mother and father asked God for even an “abnormal child as long as he/she wouldn’t die.”

Nine months after her pregnancy, the mother gave birth to Ellie who appeared to be mysterious from the first day.

He had been born a really tiny baby with a below-average small head and doctors assured her that she’ll end up having trouble raising

For the mother and her husband, they didn’t mind encountering trouble as long as the child would live to adulthood.

The doctors seemed to have predicted it right because 21 years after his birth, Ellie doesn’t speak because he can’t, his head can’t support formal education and he likes living in the jungle and running everywhere all the time.

His mother even revealed that she feeds him grass like an animal and will always have to chase after him to bring him home.

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