Thursday, December 1, 2022

    So This is How You Make Your Money? Fans Blast Bobrisky Over His Instagram Post


    Over the years and in our current generation, money has been a very useful commodity that everyone seeks to have or acquire, it is no surprise having to see the ills, atrocities committed by many in the bid to make money.

    Everyone wants to become rich at all cost, while some persons work hard and toil genuinely to get this money, most people go about soiling their hands and doing a lot of bad things just to acquire it, in a bid to acquire money, many commit numerous atrocities not minding the consequences.

    In the early hours of today while going through the social media, I had come across a video released by Bobrisky on his Instagram story, the videos has been making rounds and gathering lots of reactions both negative and Positive, in the video Popular Cross dresser Bobrisky could be heard telling her fans about how she made 15million naira in just one night.

    in the video one could clearly see the huge amount of money scattered around the bed and with Bobrisky talking, the popular crossdresser went forward to tell the ladies that despite her not being a full woman that she makes more Money than the self acclaimed women.

    Idris Olarenwaju popularly known as Bobrisky is a well known popular figure and celebrity, over the years she has been able to build her brand and make a name for himself due to the way he dresses, Bobrisky who has been able to win most hearts of Nigerians following due to his philanthropic nature had come under backlash and hurtful worst from fans following the release of that video.

    Bobrisky in her insta story could be heard telling ladies and girls about how she made a huge amount of money in just her one night stand, he went further to mock them by saying that most of the ladies despite their sexiness and curvy nature could not attract up to the 15million naira she got in one night.

    Watch The Video Below

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