Friday, January 27, 2023

    “Cannibal cow” put to death in Wisconsin after it killed and ate 7 other bovines


    The Wisconsin Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) proceeded to the state’s first bovine execution in over 60 years this morning, putting to death a 5-year old cow for killing and partially devouring 7 of her congenerates.

    FSIS Agents showed up this morning at the Green Fellow Dairy Farm near Chilton to pick up the condemned animal.

    The massive bovine was tranquilized by the agents and transported to a slaughterhouse to be properly executed.

    The 5-year old cow, named Angel, was caught in the act by a farm employee while devouring its last victim earlier this month, putting an end to a 16-month investigation on cattle death on the farm.

    The farm’s owner, Ray Middleton, looked visibly relieved to see the murderous animal carried away.

    “I thought for a long time that my animals were being slaughtered by wolves or a puma. It’s scary to think one of my cows was a cannibal.”

    Mr. Middleton says his employees had grown afraid of entering the stables and milk the cows.

    “It almost entirely devoured half a dozen 1200-lb animals, when never approached it without a shotgun in hand. Now we can finally breathe.” 

    Ray Middleton was relieved to see the predatory bovine taken away, as he feared for the safety of his animals and employees.

    Bovine cannibalism is a very old but extremely rare phenomenon. Antique Greek and Roman documents relate cases of cannibal cattle, and similar cases are reported in the Medieval chronicles.

    In some cases, the animals were even reported eating other animals and even human beings.

    Fortunately, this type of carnivorous behavior is extremely rare in bovines. The last reported case in the United States was in 1986 in North Dakota, when a bull allegedly killed 17 cows, 11 goats, and two dogs.

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