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    Plane that disappeared in Bermuda Triangle in 1945 lands in Florida, crew members remember nothing


    One of a group of five Grumman TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on December 5, 1945, mysteriously reappeared this morning at the Patrick Air Force Base in Brevard, Florida.

    Around 7:15 AM this morning, a single-engine propeller aircraft arrived in the vicinity of the United States Air Force restricted flight zone and used an abandoned military radio frequency to demand permission to land on the installation.

    The pilot ignored several warnings from the tower operators, insisting that his obsolete aircraft was a military vehicle belonging to the U.S. Air Force.

    The craft was finally escorted to the airfield by two F-14 jet fighters and landed on the airfield under close scrutiny.

    The base’s security staff was extremely surprised to see two disoriented old men wearing WW2 uniforms come out of the cockpit, visibly confused.

    According to U.S. Air Force spokesman, Colonel James Miller, the two men claimed to be have disappeared in 1945 and have no memory of what happened to them over the last 75 years.

    “They asked us if the war with Japan was over and who had won. These old guys seemed visibly confused.”

    Colonel Miller says the men’s fingerprints and teeth seem to match the military records of the men they claim to be, Lt. James Monroe and Captain David Smith Jr., but they seem to be much younger than they should.

    “They look around 65 years old when they should be over 110 years old. It’s as if they had gotten lost in a type of warp zone where time is slowed.”

    Both men will undergo a thorough medical examination and interrogation to try and determine the veracity of their story and what may have happened to them.

    Colonel Miller says the aircraft is authentic and the crew’s story seems legitimate, but the U.S. Air Force will open an investigation to try and determine what really happened to them and their lost comrades in 1945.

    The aircraft was authenticated as one of five planes part of Flight 19 which disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle in December 1945.

    Flight 19 was taking part in routine navigation and combat training exercises in TBM-type aircraft when they lost radio contact and disappeared.

    None of the planes were ever found, and another craft even disappeared while searching for them.

    Unfortunately, the two men seem to have no memory of what happened to them during their ordeal, so the mystery remains total concerning the fate of the other aircrafts.

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