Delaware man in a critical condition after injecting himself with his homemade COVID vaccine

Delaware man in a critical condition after injecting himself with his homemade COVID vaccine

A man was hospitalized in a critical condition in Dover, Delaware, after injecting himself with his own homemade “covid vaccine”, a concoction he distilled himself from bleach, Lysol, and other products.

29-year old Barry Washington, an unemployed Army veteran who describes himself as an “anti-pharmaceutical vigilante and vaccine moonshiner”, was admitted last night at the Eden Hill Medical Center, suffering from violent convulsions and vomiting large amounts of blood.

He had injected himself a total of 75 ml of his own esoteric “vaccine” mixture, made of Peroxide-based bleach, Lysol disinfectant, buffalo semen, white vinegar, cloves essence, and dozens of other non-medical ingredients.

According to his wife Susan, Mr, Washington was opposed to vaccines from pharmaceutical companies, as he believed they contained RFID chips and neuroactive chemicals designed to reprogram the brain.

“He says that other vaccines are fakes, part of a conspiracy to take over the world. He’s worked on his own vaccine for months to avoid being zombified like everyone else.”

Ms. Washington says her husband spent hours doing research on the internet and performing complicated calculations to come up with the “perfect recipe”.

“He tested a few recipes on squirrels he captured and the last few had survived. He really thought he’d achieved his goal.”

Indeed, the would-be microbiologist filmed his experiments and his own injections and shared the videos on Youtube.

Susan Washington says her husband is an eccentric and was so proud of his vaccine “with the cute little glass vials he bought from a veterinarian to stock it”.

According to doctors, Mr. Washington suffers from a poison-induced coma and his condition remains critical, but he should survive his ordeal.

His case attracted nation-wide attention, however, and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases issued a short statement this morning to ask Americans to avoid injecting themselves with homemade vaccines or medications.

According to the institute, such concoctions can cause serious health problems and even death while having little chance of producing any benefits.

A total of 26 Americans died and 687 were hospitalized in 2020 after injecting themselves with homemade medicine according to official statistics.

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