Thursday, December 1, 2022

    Opinion: If A Soldier is Checking a Vehicle, Never Do These 2 Things As a Passenger to Avoid Trouble


    News of soldiers or Policemen shooting innocent civilians is common. Sometimes it happens because the soldier or policeman was careless while holding the dangerous weapon called Gun, while sometimes, it’s as a result of carelessness and ignorance on the path, not the victim.

    This article is going to, therefore, play an enlightening role to every regular passenger and also to people that own vehicles. If you are in a vehicle whether private or public one and a soldier stops to check; whether soldier or policeman, there are certain things you shouldn’t try even as a passenger.

    Check out the Two (2) Things You Should Never Do When a Soldier or Policeman is checking at a vehicle;


    1. Never Dip Hand into your Pocket: once a vehicle gets to a checkpoint, it is very wrong for you even as a passenger to dip a hand into your Pocket. It can result to the soldier or policeman shooting you intentionally because it is a very bad sign for a passenger in a vehicle that is in the checkpoint, to put a hand for whatever reason inside his or her pocket. The reason why this is dangerous is that the soldiers were trained to trust no one and every vehicle is a suspected criminal until it’s checked for possible harmful materials, dipping your hand into your Pocket that moment can send a wrong signal to the officer and make him shoot you, thinking you were trying to bring out a weapon.


    This is not just any other opinion, you read elsewhere, this really happened to someone I know. He was a cooper and unluckily for him that day, he wasn’t putting on his uniform. As the soldier stopped the vehicle to check it, he immediately dipped his hand into his pocket to bring out his ID for the soldier to let them go, the soldier shot him before he could do that. That’s how he lost his life and I thought it wise to let you guys know of this.


    2. Don’t Make or Pick Calls: I am sure you have heard that making calls while in a checkpoint attracts punishment? Yes, it does and can also lead to loss of life. If you are the type that regularly travels, it is totally wrong to either make calls or answer calls while approaching a checkpoint because of the bad signal it can send to the officer(s). Don’t forget that if an officer esp. a soldier shoots a civilian and the grounds for doing such was suspected attack, he won’t be charged at all. So, in actuality playing deaf ears to these rules means you are only toiling with life and death and that can be dangerous if you have family members to cater to.

    That’s all for now lovely readers! Always play safe while around soldiers and policemen because the rules that govern the civilians don’t always apply to them.

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