My rejection rate is high but I am now used to it

My rejection rate is high but I am now used to it

DJ Cuppy opens up about the rejections she has faced in her career.

Cuppy took to her Twitter handle to disclose that she has received so many rejections in her career but she has gotten used to being rejected.

According to the billionaire daughter, for every Yes she has gotten in her career, she has received 9 Nos from people.

She ended her tweets by advising people to stop waiting for things to happen but make them happen.

”Lemme tell you a secret, for every achievement and YES you’ve seen in my career there’s about 9 NO’s. My rejection rate is very high, but I’m now used to it… This never bruises my ego nor stops my dreams, because I am a fighter and believe in destiny.

I REALLY want you to understand this and learn from me- STOP waiting for things to happen; MAKE them happen. You don’t ask, you don’t get.”

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