Man chops off grandmother’s head, takes it to police station in Kenya » NEWS

Man chops off grandmother's head, takes it to police station in Kenya » NEWS

Grief as a young man reportedly chopped off his grandmother’s head, placed the severed head in a plastic bag and took it to Kisumu Central Police Station in Kenya.

The young man in his early 20s shocked police officers when he got to the station with the bag and requested the officers on duty to open the bag on April 5.

When the police officers opened the bag that was handed over to them by the young man, they found the freshly chopped head.

The police in a video shared on Twitter which has gone viral are seen in a police van, escorting the suspect back to the scene of the crime in Nyalenda Estate to investigate the murder.

According to TV47 Kenya, the body of the grandmother was immediately evacuated from the scene.

The man’s motive has not been revealed but he has been taken into custody.

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