Diana Asamoah makes U turn to rally behind Ga chiefs after apologising

Diana Asamoah makes U turn to rally behind Ga chiefs after apologising

Ghanaian gospel musician Diana Asamoah has called on her fellow Christians to support the Ga chiefs with clean heart and prayers while they observe their one-month ban on noisemaking.

The “Onyame Tumfo” hitmaker landed in huge trouble last week when she publicly asked for the abolishment of Homowo and other festivals celebrated by the Ga people, labelling it as ‘idol worship’ and ungodly.

She has apologised to the Ga chiefs and further called on her fellow worshipers to support them because they (Ga people) also recognise Christianity and have supported it for years.

“The Bible says we should render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s,” Diana Asamoah stated during an interview shortly after the Ga chiefs released her.

“The chiefs have forgiven me. I would like to advise my fellow Christians and junior pastors to recognise that the land we dwell on belongs to our chiefs. If they don’t love the God we worship, they wouldn’t allow us to build churches on them and continue to worship all these years.”

She said supporting them with a clean heart and prayers is a way of living in peace and enjoying peace of mind.

So, when it’s their turn to perform their customs, we should support them with clean hearts and prayers. It’s just one month. I believe that if we support them this way, we will have peace of mind. They also go to church. The Ga people should also forgive me as the chiefs have,” she added.

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