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    How to Cook Yam Porridge with Frozen Yam


    Frozen Yam is a tricky one to cook with but if you follow the procedure below, you will get it right.

    yam porridge. prepared with frozen yam


    2kg frozen yam cubes
    600g leafy spinach
    3 cooking spoons Red Palm Oil
    1 mackerel
    Two tablespoons crayfish
    5 lumps frozen okra
    ¼ cup ukpaka (shredded oil bean)
    1 onion
    Habanero pepper (to taste)
    Salt (to taste)

    Notes on the Ingredients

    The frozen yam must remain in the freezer till you are ready to add them.
    If you do not have ukpaka, skip it.
    The okra is optional.

    Directions for cooking Yam Porridge with Frozen Yam

    Before you start cooking, prep the ingredients as shown in the video below.
    Set some water in a pot to boil.
    When it boils, take the yam cubes from the freezer and add into the pot. Make sure the water is at the same level as the yams. If more, scoop out the excess.
    Cover and leave it to boil.
    Once it boils well, add crayfish, ukpaka and palm oil.
    Cover and cook for about 7 minutes.
    Add the onions, pepper, frozen okra and the mackerel.
    Cook till the mackerel is done. You can constantly turn the pieces of mackerel around to aid a faster cooking time.
    When the mackerel is done, take them out, add the spinach (wilted, see video for how I did that) and stir very well.
    Leave to simmer and it’s done!

    Serve with a chilled drink

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