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    Different Ways of Cutting Fried Plantain for your Kids Recipes (2020)


    Here are different ways of cutting fried plantain for your kids just to make it interesting for them. It always makes for a change having it in different shapes. Fried plantain is made from ripened yellow plantain deep-fried to perfection (for those that don’t know).

    Plantain Cubes – These are made by cutting the plantain lengthwise in half and also cutting the halfs to half again before cutting into cubes.

    Plantain Coins – You just cut the plantains as a it is into small circles. Make sure they are not too thin so that it doesn’t soak oil while frying.

    Leaf-shaped Plantain – Just as our mums used to slice it, just hold the whole plantain and slice in a slanted way to get the shape. Watch the video for more clarity.

    Plantain Fingers – Cut the whole plantain into two wholes, then cut lengthwise into two like the cubes but don’t dice them.

    Fried Plantain can be eaten alone as a snack or a finger food for babies. It can also be taken either as a main dish with stew and some protein like chicken, fish or beef, or as a side dish with jollof or white rice and stew. Also it can be had with pap, custard, porridge oats or cornmeal porridge as a filling breakfast for the kids.

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