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    Top 5 Nigerian cosmetics brands


    This is a glimpse into the beauty and cosmetic world in Nigeria, with the top five brands listed.

    The beauty industry in Nigeria has scaled to the level where local entrepreneurs have come up with fantastic cosmetic products.

    The consumer habits have also changed with the products from local entrepreneurs now enjoying more patronage than foreign products.

    The rise of the make-up industry also facilitated the increase in usage of local products.

    These brands are popular, affordable, and made with the best quality materials. These are the best five.

    1. House of Tara

    Top 5 Nigerian cosmetics brands (3)

    We must start this list with the famed House of Tara. House of Tara was founded in 1998 by Tara Durotoye.

    She is the fairy godmother of bridal makeup and makeup artistry in Nigeria. She also began teaching make-up and then producing makeup with distributors in almost all the 36 states of Nigeria.

    House of Tara has an impressive array of products. She has concealers, foundations, primers, lipsticks, lip liners, eyeshadows and so on.

    My favorite House of Tara product is the eyeshadow palette, named after African queens and royalties like Queen Amina, and Queen Nana.

    The Founder and CEO of Zaron Cosmetics is Oke Maduewesi. It was founded in 2011. Oke Maduewesi has an MBA from the University of Leeds and was a former bank manager at Zenith Bank Plc.

    Zaron cosmetics is immensely popular with 25 franchise outlets and 800 distributors in Nigeria and other African countries.

    Top 5 Nigerian cosmetics brands (3)

    My favorite product is certainly their foundation. The best thing about Zaron Cosmetics is how they take note of black women different complexions and, produce products that easily blends with their skin.

    Top 5 Nigerian cosmetics brands (3)

    Makeup artists testify of the quality of Yanga beauty products. Yanga Beauty founder is Jennifer Lisa Uloko, a makeup artist before she began makeup production.

    Yanga beauty also produces makeup tools like brushes, gloves and other products to help make up artists.

    My favorite Yanga beauty product is their eyeliner. It is simply exquisite.

    Ezike Kelvin Chinedu is the founder and CEO of Zikel cosmetics. Zikel cosmetics frequently holds a Lagos Beauty Expo and Face of Zikel competition which first premiered 2019. Their products are incredibly cheap and distributed to every part of the country.

    Top 5 Nigerian cosmetics brands (3)

    Zikel cosmetic has a wide range of beauty products like lipsticks, eyelashes, contact lenses, foundation palettes and so on which are very popular in the market.

    Nuban beauty was founded in 2017 by Stella Ndekile, a Medical Laboratory Scientist and part-time makeup artist and Jane Ogu, who is known under her business name Flawless Faces by Jane.

    Top 5 Nigerian cosmetics brands (3)

    Nuban beauty foundation comes in 16 amazing shades, more shades mean appropriate coverage for women’s skin shades.

    Nuban beauty also has a range of eyeshadow, lip-gloss, foundation, concealers, and many more products.


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