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    5 reasons why you can’t poop


    Why can’t you poop when you want to?

    One day, two days, three days has passed yet you have not been able to poop. You start to get worried, ‘what might be the problem?’

    Well, it might be any of the following reasons;

    You are more likely to feel constipated and unable to pass out waste if you do not drink enough water.

    Coffee and alcohol do not count. You have to drink a lot of water especially if your food is full of fibre.

    Strong pain medications like opioids and narcotics taken consistently can cause constipation and make it difficult to pass out poop.

    Antacids also cause constipation because they have aluminium and calcium. Antidepressants and supplements for iron deficiency also cause constipation.

    If you are taking any of these drugs and you notice that you have an issue pooping then you might need to discuss it with your physician.

    If your thyroid is working properly then you should not have issues using the toilet to pass poop.

    However, if your thyroid gland is underactive and does not release the hormones that your body needs, especially the digestive system, then pooping will be difficult. This will make your intestine weak, slow down digestion and cause constipation.

    If you are going through extremely difficult and stressful situations and you are not resting as much as you should, pooping will not be easy. Stress or lack of sleep can cause your enteric nervous system to be backed up and cause irregular bowel movements.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a digestive disorder that is accompanied either by pain from diarrhoea or constipation.

    You might also have nerve issues in your rectum or colon, which makes it hard to expel excreta. Diseases like Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s cause defecatory disorders.

    Finally, if you cannot pass out poop, eat fibre like apples, beans and oranges and drink a lot of water.

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