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My Girlfriend Behaves Like A Daughter Of A Fetish Priest She Just Did The Worst- Man Laments

My Girlfriend Behaves Like A Daughter Of A Fetish Priest She Just Did The Worst- Man Laments.

She had a headache. I was with her when it started. I told her to rest for a while and see if it will go; “It’s normal. You’ve been working in the sun all week. Just take a full day’s rest, it will go.” The next morning she called me on the phone; “Maxwell, kindly get me some painkiller on your way coming. The headache is getting worse.” I went to the store to get it before going to her place that day. When her mother saw me she said, “Your girl had been crying all night. I’ve told her to visit the hospital but she’s adamant. Add your voice. Maybe she’ll listen to you.”

She was lying on the sofa when I got in. I called her name but she didn’t have the strength to even raise up her head to look at me. She said, “Maxwell, I’m suffering. This is not just a headache. I feel this severe burning sensation in my head. It’s like my head is in flames It’s been like this all night. Max, I’m suffering.” I held her hand and helped her to sit up. I told her, “Why don’t we go to the hospital? Get ready, I will call a taxi so we go together.” She said, “Don’t worry, I will be fine. When I get to the hospital, they’ll end up giving me painkillers. Let me take what you brought and see how it will go.”

She took the drug. I stayed with her until the evening before I left for my house. Around 10pm when I was about to sleep, I called her line. I asked if she was doing well and she said, “I’m managing. If by tomorrow the pain is still the same, I will know what to do.” We said our goodnights and hang up the call.

Around 2am my phone rang. I checked and it was her. Immediately I picked the line she started ranting; “I know you won’t believe it but this headache is not normal. I’ve had several nightmares. I can’t even close my eyes and have some little sleep. They lie bad. They won’t get me. Early tomorrow morning, I will travel. By the time I return, those behind this headache will confess. They think they can get me. I will show them it’s not all human meat they can peacefully consume.” I kept listening to her with slumbering attention. When she finished talking I said, “Try to sleep. I will come and see you tomorrow morning.”

The next morning when I got there, her mother told me she had traveled. “To where?” I asked, “She went to our hometown with the first bus. She should be there by this time.” I called her phone and she didn’t pick. She called back around 6pm to tell me she was on her way coming back. I asked her, “Are you healed?” She answered, “I’m very fit. I will come and see you when I get to town. There is a lot to sa, she knocked on my door around 9pm. She took something from her bag and entered the bathroom…. Tap Here to Continue Reading For More Details. ..share

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