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    My Husband Is Destroying Our Marriage All Because of Okro Stew His Ex Prepared For Him- Woman Laments


    My Husband Is Destroying Our Marriage All Because of Okro Stew His Ex Prepared For Him- Woman Laments

    I was just a girl who didn’t know much about relationships, James, the man I ended up marrying was my second boyfriend. When I said yes to him, I told him all my vulnerabilities. I was only twenty-two and was still looking for a place in the world where I fit. I didn’t have friends. I didn’t have anyone I called a best friend for life. All I needed in people, I got it from my siblings. But James wasn’t like that. He had friends for every occasion. The one he went to weddings with.

    The one he played football with on weekends. The one he went to church with. The one he hung out with on ordinary days. When our love was new, he spent a lot of time with me talking about the future. I was twenty-two and didn’t have marriage intentions but slowly he built it in me and I came to accept that he was the man I was going to marry.

    He had three ex-girlfriends he told me about. He mentioned Suzzy. “That girl was my devil. If I followed her, I would have been bankrupt by now but she’s the one I loved with all my heart so I was doing everything to keep her. I will buy her a bicycle and think I’ve done so much but the next day she would come and ask for a motor bicycle. Because I loved her, I will get it for her. The following day she’ll come and ask for a car. When I couldn’t buy it, she called me a stingy man. We broke up and the next day she was in front of a rich man’s car.” I asked him, “Do you still love her?” He answered, “Me, continue to love such a leech? Am I fool to you?”

    He mentioned Araba too. Araba was a nurse. He said, “She’s the reason I think all nurses are cheats. The girl can spend the night with me today, leave the next morning and go to another man’s house. One night, I stayed in front of her door all night, she didn’t come home. Meanwhile, I had called her and she had told me she was home. That wasn’t the first. Three times I slept in front of her door until I told myself that I deserve better. I left her before she could break my heart any further.” I asked him, “Do you still love her? If she came back with a changed heart, would you take her back?” He answered, “When I still have you? No, I won’t. She had her time and chance. She can’t have it again once it’s gone.”

    And then there was Naana who he said he caught red-handed with a man in her own room. For some reason, I enjoyed it whenever he told me about his past. I felt it was a window through which I could see what he likes and what he didn’t like. If I know what made him leave Araba then I wouldn’t repeat what Araba did. I was learning. I was learning how to… Tap Here to Continue Reading For More Details. … Share

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