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My Husband Cares For His Dog Than He Cares For Me- Woman Laments

My Husband Cares For His Dog Than He Cares For Me- Woman Laments

We dated for one and a half years before we got married. We lived apart during dating. He was working in Kumasi and I was working in Accra. We met through a friend of mine and we took it up from there. When we started talking about marriage, where we would live after marriage also came up. He didn’t have any problem moving to Accra. He said, “I only have to seek transfer and it would be granted.”

So we got married and a few months later, he got a transfer to Accra. We didn’t need to rent a new place because I already had a two-bedroom house I was living with my little sister. The house was big enough to contain us especially when he didn’t come along with anything apart from bags containing his personal stuff. For a few days and weeks, he woke up, bathed, and left for work.

He came home in the evening, ate, bathed, watched TV, and went to sleep. He didn’t care how our home ran. He didn’t provide housekeeping money and didn’t pay any bills. At first, I thought he had just moved in and had to put things in order before taking up those responsibilities. I waited for so long and he wasn’t talking about it so I brought the topic up one evening while watching TV.

Dear, you know I can’t run this home all by myself. I need you and I need your support in everything. If you don’t come on board and you leave everything to me, we may crush.” He asked, “What do you want me to do exactly?” I said, “There are bills to pay—food, utilities, maintenance, and other stuff.” He asked, “You want me to be doing the cooking?” I laughed and said.. Tap Here To Continue Reading For More Details… Share

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