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    My Sister Chose Me As Her Maid Of Honor But On Her Wedding Day I Won’t Show Up Because – Lady Narrates


    The very first day I took my boyfriend home, my senior sister called me on the side and asked, “Of all the men that came into your life, is this who you settled for?” Alfred was there so I didn’t want to go into banter with her. My mother was pleased to see him. My dad said, “Welcome home my son. Here, we all rely on God for everything. I hope you’re a believer?” Alfred nodded. He said, “I’ve even decided to attend her church right after marriage.” My dad said, “We will welcome you with an opened arms. I wish you two well in your journey. Whatever happens, I’m your father. Talk to me.”

    My sister was sitting there like a wax statue in the sun. She was melting with emotions. When Alfred left, she said, “Ah dad, you like him? Didn’t you look at him well? Why would you welcome just anybody into our home? You don’t like him. Just speak out.” My dad said, “Does it matter how I feel about him? He’s your sister’s choice and I believe she chose him for a reason. Who are you to question her choice?” I looked at her and said, “We are all here. We are waiting for the kind of man you’ll bring home. You better come home with Bill Gate’s son. Anything else wouldn’t suffice.”

    I know my sister. She’s the jealous kind. She’s someone who wants every good thing to happen to only her. If it happens to you, it’s not good enough. She can come home with a man that looks like a 6 and tell you to look at him like a 9. I know her too well that her words don’t get to me. Everything she said that day didn’t register on my emotional thermometer.

    Anytime Alfred came around and she was there, she did everything to let Alfred know that she didn’t like him. Alfred saw it and asked me, “Your senior sister, is that how she naturally is or it’s because of me?” I told him, “If you really want to be happy in my house, treat her like she doesn’t exist. You have nothing to prove to her. Listen to me, when you enter the house and she’s the only person there, ignore her. She can embarrass you.” Alfred took my advice and started ignoring her but my sister being who she is tried all she could to get Alfred’s attention to the fact that she didn’t like him.

    Two years later when we were about to marry, my sister stood in the middle of our hall and said, “If Akua marries that thing she’s been coming here with, she shouldn’t expect me at her wedding.” My dad was there and my mom too. That day I asked my sister, “Abena, please tell us. What is so wrong with Alfred that you don’t want to hear or see anything about him? Do you know him from somewhere? Has he unknowingly hurt you in any way? Just say it. I will bring him right here to kneel before you and beg your royal highness for forgiveness.” She said, “I’m your senior sister. I took care of you. I spent my hard-earned money on your university education. I know more about life than you do. That guy you call a boyfriend can’t help you in life. See how we suffered whiles growing up. See how you suffered before you completed school. Don’t you want to see an end to that suffering? How is this guy an answer to your suffering?”

    My dad said, “Abena, to suffer or not to suffer is in the hands of God. You took care of your sister. She’s grateful. She’s old enough now to know what’s good for her…” My sister shouted, “She doesn’t know what’s good for her. If she did, she wouldn’t bring a ‘nobody’ home to perpetuate her suffering. Dad, if you’re sick right now and we need help, I swear that boy can’t give us a penny. Is that what is good for her?” I cried that day. My mom was so angry and she… Tap Here To Continue Reading For More Details. .. Share

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