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    I Can’t Keep A Relationship Because of What Happened Between Me And My Mother- Man Narrates Painfully


    I Can’t Keep A Relationship Because of What Happened Between Me And My Mother- Man Narrates Painfully

    The day ended just like any other day. I closed from school, went to the market to get the keys. I came home and played with my friends while waiting for my mother to return from the market to cook dinner. She came home around 6pm, the normal time she returns from the market. That evening she didn’t cook. She brought waakye from the market.

    Waakye she bought in the afternoon that she couldn’t eat. That was what I ate that night. Around 7pm, she asked me, “Have you done your homework?” I responded, “No, today I didn’t come home with homework.” I was in JSS one. Fourteen or fifteen. My innocence was still intact. I had the dream of a child—to grow up a big man, marry, have kids, have a lot of money so I can give my mother a better life.

    Those dreams every child has while growing up. We didn’t care so much how we were going to make the money. We saw too much suffering in the lives of our parents that all we could dream about was becoming the redemption our parents need. That night my mother went to bed early. We didn’t have a TV.

    No, We did. We had one but it was spoilt so I went to the next-door neighbor’s room to watch TV until it was around 9pm when I came back to sleep. My mom heard me entering the room so she asked me, “Have you locked the door?” I responded, “Yes I have.” She said, “And the trap door too. Did you lock it?” I said, “Yes mom, I did.”

    We lived in a single room with a room divider. My mom slept on the bed behind the room divider and I put a mattress on the floor in front of the room divider and slept. As I said earlier, the day ended just like any ordinary day, and the night was expected to end the same way but it didn’t.

    I was asleep when I heard the voices of men in our room. They were commanding my mother to keep quiet. One said, “Shhhh if you make any noise, we will kill you.” I thought I was dreaming. I didn’t open my eyes. Then I heard the voice of my mother. She was pleading. She said something like, “Please don’t kill me. I’m poor but I can give you everything I have. Everything I made when I went to the market today. It’s here. It’s under my pillow, you can have it.” I still didn’t open my eyes. I thought the dream was getting horrible and scary until I heard the. .. Tap Here To Continue Reading For More Details. .. Share

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