Friday, December 9, 2022

    Trust No One, I Visited My Husband’s Village For The First Time Only To Find Out His Big Secret- Woman Cry Out


    For about 6 years I have been wedded to my husband and we have a fine baby girl, and we were a perfect couple I thought, till I went to his Village. Before we got married my husband was looking for job all around and then I helped him and to God be the glory he got one with well paid salary and an apartment with a car officially, and then not so long we got married because of the way things where going smoothly with both of us.

    I was a fool to not to have noticed that when ever I bring up the issue about his Village he gets angry, I guess I was blinded by his love, care , God fearing and all the qualities a lady may want in a guy like him.

    It got to a point where he then said that he may leave me if I every mention anything concerning his Village then I thought maybe his people did him wrong. Well before we got married he told me that his parents where no more and he doesn’t relates with his relatives well then I had doubt about him but he was too good, but the good thing was that. … Tap Here To Continue Reading For More Details. .. Share

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