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    My wife is the Cause of all My Bad Luck in Life- Man Narrates And Laments


    My wife is the Cause of all My Bad Luck in Life- Man Narrates And Laments

    My name is Silas, a 48-year-old man. I have been married for the past 20 years but it has been bad luck, frustration and miserable turn of events till it was revealed to me in a church I attended that she is behind my ordeals.

    When I got married to Eka, I was working as a salesman in a manufacturing company in Lagos and met her when I traveled home for a festival.

    Eka was one of the most beautiful girls in my community and many guys, especially those of us who came home from the cities for the festival, tried everything to woo her to no avail. I counted myself lucky when she accepted to date go out with me.

    That night, she came to my house and spent the night where we had sex several times. I was not really surprised when, four months later, my father summoned me home and I was informed that Eka was pregnant and had told her parents I was responsible.
    I could not deny her as I was madly in love with her and I saw the pregnancy as a fast track to our marriage.

    But at this point, I must say that my mother did not seem very happy and when I asked her why she felt that way, she told me that Eka’s family was not the best in the community as there were allegations of witchcraft though not substantiated.
    However, I was in love with Eka and I would not allow any unfounded allegations deter me from marrying my love, so we had a quiet introduction ceremony with the intention to have our traditional marriage later in the year.

    How I wish I had listened to my mother, maybe I would not be going through all I have gone through since Eka came into my life, Two days after we came back to Lagos, my boss called me into the… Tap Here To Continue Reading For More Details. .. Share

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