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    How My Boyfriend’s Jealousy Cost Me My Life’s Investment- Lady Narrates


    How My Boyfriend’s Jealousy Cost Me My Life’s Investment- Lady Narrates

    When I completed senior high school, my parents didn’t have the money to take me to the university. I was very determined to go to the university so I started looking for a job. It took me a whole year before I got a job as a shop attendant. The shop sold provisions and other stuff on wholesale. The salary wasn’t good but I accepted the offer thinking I might find another job along the way and quit this one.

    I woke up each morning and went to work trying all I could to deliver good services and also not run into losses. Just three months on the job, the owner of the place called me on the side and said, “I love your dedication and commitment to work so today I’m increasing your salary by 10%.” I was so happy I didn’t know what to say. I even knelt and said thank you to him. He held me by the shoulder, lifted me up, and said, “You deserve better than this. You watch me.”

    That motivated me to even do more. Three months later he raised my salary again. Another three months later, he called me on the side and said, “I’m going to tell you something. If you humble yourself and go along with it, I’ll change your life for you.” I was attentive, trying to catch his words immediately as they fell from his mouth. He said, “You’re a good girl and a beautiful one as such. You deserve better. I’m ready to offer you that better life if only you’ll agree to date me.” I looked at him very well. A man in his late fifties. I was only twenty-one. I said in my head, “Granddad, I thought you’ll give me peace but see where you’re driving me to?”

    I told him to give me some time to think about it. He said, “Be very fast with your decision because I can’t wait to start the journey with you.”

    I thought of where I came from and how I suffered before getting this job. I thought of how life would be if I should say no and he fires me. I thought of how much I’d been able to save in that little while that I started working there and thought about the future if I continued working there until I got a new offer. Two weeks later, he started putting pressure on me to decide. I was scared I would lose my job so I said yes to him. That very day, he increased my salary again.

    He wasn’t married. I learned later that he got a divorce long ago after their third child was born. The only problem was his age. Everything about him was breaking down but this man wanted to run at places where angels fear to tread. I knew the relationship didn’t have a future because I had a boyfriend who was also struggling in the shadows to make something for his life.

    He asked what I wanted to do. I wanted to go back to school but I didn’t think our relationship would last for four years to be able to take me through school. I told him, “I want to learn cosmetology.” After one to two years, I would be done and start my own work and earn my own money. By then, he would be out of my life. He enrolled me in cosmetology school. I went to school and after school, I would go to the shop and help the new attendant. He stopped paying me. Instead, he told me to ask him whenever I needed something.

    I took it from him and gave to my boyfriend so he could build something for himself. He had a phone shop he was trying to stock so every amount I gave to him went into the phone shop. He didn’t know how I was getting the money. He thought I was getting it from being a shop attendant. Little did he know that I was tiling someone else’s land to raise the money I gave to him.

    After some time, my boyfriend told me, “This place is too slow. I want to move to Accra and set up there. I will make it quicker than this place. So, I took money from my old man and gave it to him. He rented a room out of that money and also got something left to start his business. Everything went according to plan and my boyfriend moved to Accra. When I had the time, I visited him. He was open about the finances of the business and how well or not the business was doing.

    One day, I went to visit my boyfriend. I don’t know what came over him, that day he was going through my… Tap Here To Continue Reading For More Details. … Share

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