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    My Boyfriend Wants A Tattoo Of His Face On My Arms Because- Lady Narrates


    My Boyfriend Wants A Tattoo Of His Face On My Arms Because- Lady Narrates

    My mom died when I was eighteen. She was everything to me until she died. I didn’t know my dad because he wasn’t in my life then.

    Growing up, I saw how my mother struggled every day and night, trying to put food on the table and trying to pay my school fees. No one came in to help. She did all that through the provision store she was operating. When she died, I went to stay with my grandma and she took over from there.

    On the second anniversary of the death of my mother, I took her picture and went to a tattoo parlor to get her face tattooed beneath my left arm. It was the least I could do for a mother who had traveled through thick and thin to bring me up the way she did. I remember my friends trying to talk me out of it. They said, “Everyone will judge you wrongly when they see you with a tattoo. You can’t get a job with a tattoo on your skin.” I brushed their concerns aside and went ahead with it.

    After university, I fell in love with a guy who came from an affluent home. When I said yes to his proposal, I didn’t know he was a rich guy. I said yes to him because of the way he treated me from the very first day that we met. He was a kind guy. He would call and stay on the phone with me for a very long time. Before he hangs up, he’ll say, “Is there anything you would like me to do for you?” If I had needs, I would tell him and he’ll provide but mostly I didn’t have anything I wanted him to do for me.

    He took me to his parent’s house the very first time and I couldn’t believe the kind of wealth I saw on display that day. I always had an idea of how a mansion should look like but when I entered their house, I upgraded my definition of how a mansion should be like. I asked him, “Your parents live here?” He said, “Yeah when they are in the country, this is where they live. I could only open my eyes and my mouth wide. He said, “My parents are very down to earth. You’ll see them today and you won’t believe they own all these. It’s something I’ve learned from them, to always live life on a low key.”

    We had dated for four months and the farthest we had gone was a kiss and a little smooch here and there. One day he took me to his house for a weekend and we. .. Tap Here To Continue Reading For More Details. … Share

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