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    My Husband Is Asking Me To Choose Between Him And My Mother Because- Woman Narrates


    My Husband Is Asking Me To Choose Between Him And My Mother Because- Woman Narrates

    Before we got married, when my husband was just a boyfriend, he and my mother were best of paddies. Anytime he came around, my mother did everything to ensure that he was feeling at home. She would cook for him, serve him and after eating, my mom would

    come around and clear the table. My mother called him soldier one (because he’s a soldier) and he’ll respond, “Asiw one.” My mom would salute him and he’ll walk to my mom and correct her salute. He’ll say something like, “Your salute is looking miserable. Turn your hand that way.”

    They were so cool I couldn’t feel anything but admiration towards their relationship. It was my mother who encouraged him to get married to me as early as possible after we had dated for about a year. She wasn’t pressuring him. She was making sure the right thing was done. All this while, my dad was very indifferent. He didn’t hate him but he never got involved with him. They’ll talk alright but it was always brief and straight to the point.

    As fate would have it, we got married when my husband sensed that he might be sent away on a mission. He said, “If it happens, I wouldn’t know when I would return so it’s better we get married before they sent me away.” So, in the presence of family and friends, and well-wishers, we got married somewhere in July 2019.

    In February this year, I gave birth. When I gave birth, it was my husband who called my mom on the phone and asked if she could come and help me take care of the child. My mom didn’t object. As early as possible, she packed her things and joined us. That was when all the issues between my husband and my mom started.

    One evening, my husband came back from work and got served with rice and stew. Immediately he saw the food he got angry. He asked… Tap Here To Continue Reading For More Details… Share

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