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    I Think My Wife Loves Her Phone More Than She Loves Me Because- Man Narrates


    I Think My Wife Loves Her Phone More Than She Loves Me Because- Man Narrates

    When I say my wife can’t put her phone down, I mean she literally can’t put her phone down. There’s not a single moment you’ll see her without her phone. If you see her without the phone, then she’s either bathing or doing something that requires the use of her two hands. When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she picks up is her phone.

    She will lay in bed for about fifteen minutes, respond to last night’s messages or go through her Instagram feed and laugh about something that’s nothing. She’ll get up, go to the washroom to wee-wee with her phone in hand. She’ll pick her brush and start brushing her teeth with her phone in her left hand. Because of her phone, she has become a master of using one hand to do everything.

    She wasn’t always like that. When we were dating, we didn’t have that issue where I had to share her attention with her phone. She was there and fully present in whatever we did. We’ll go to the movie and she won’t blink. Her phone didn’t have a place in her life when a movie was showing. After the movie, we will walk home discussing what we liked about the movie and what we didn’t like. We could talk about the movie for days and still enjoy our discussions.

    I don’t know when the phone issue started. I didn’t realize when she started having an interest in the world that exists on her phone. I started noticing it one night when she stayed up in bed all night touching her phone. I was trying to get her attention but everything she said was off tangent to what I was saying. I felt agitated but didn’t say a word. I turned to my side and slept. I woke up at dawn to see her still watching something on her phone. I asked her, “You’ve been on your phone all this while?” She answered, “What else can I do when I can’t sleep?” It was around 1am. I continued sleeping the following night too it happened. She had her phone in her hand while I was trying to kiss her. I took it from her hand and… Tap Here To Continue Reading For More Details. … Share

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