Friday, January 27, 2023

    I’m In Deep Adultery All Because Of My Husband- Woman Narrates


    I’m In Deep Adultery All Because Of My Husband- Woman Narrates

    My name is Esther, a 30-year-old married woman with two children. I am not proud to say that I am neck deep in adultery. My husband pushed me into it, and I can’t stop now.

    I am not happy cheating on my husband and breaking my marital vows with this adulterous affair. It is affecting my marriage and home but I am neck deep into it and can’t get out of it even if I wanted to.

    I know many readers will blame me for allowing myself to fall into the temptation. Before you condemn me, I implore you to hear me out.

    Like I stated earlier, my husband Peter, actually pushed me into the arms of another man. Since then, I have found it difficult to stop.

    It happened about two years ago when Peter changed and became quite something else. The once loving husband and father he was suddenly became a monster, keeping different women, going away for weeks without telling me where he was and chasing after anything in a skirt.

    And he did not do it in secret as he made sure he rubbed it in my face. Anytime I complained about his attitude, Peter would beat me up for daring to question him.

    I knew something was amiss. I tried my best to get him to talk but he refused. Then I found out that he was. .. Tap Here To Continue Reading For More Details. .. Share

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