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    Trust Nobody: I Started Having Terrible Problems In Marriage After I Gave My Shoe to My Friend- Woman Narrates


    Trust Nobody: I Started Having Terrible Problems In Marriage After I Gave My Shoe to My Friend- Woman Narrates

    Acall came through one day…

    “I am in your school. I am coming around to see you.”

    “What are you doing in this part of town?”

    “I came to visit someone. I thought I should pass by and say hello to you. It’s been a while.”

    She was a friend I hadn’t seen in a very long while. I was happy to hear from her and was happy that she was passing by to see me. She came and we talked. We talked about old stories and talked about life in general. When it was time for her to leave she asked me, “Can I borrow your slippers? Mine got torn on my way here.” I gave it to her. She told me the friend she came to visit would bring the slippers back to me.

    The following weekend I was in the hostel when I had a call. The voice on the other side was a guy. He said, “I’m the one bringing your slippers. Where is your hostel?” I gave him directions to my hostel and hung up. By the time he showed up, I was cooking. I asked if I could offer something and he said no. “Maybe some other time. I came with some friends and they are out there waiting for me.” He said. He left and I didn’t hear from him again until a year later.

    When he called I’d even forgotten about him. “Oh, you don’t remember me? The guy who returned your slippers,” He jogged my memory. Strangely as it may seem, this guy called to tell me he likes me. I was like “Really? How did we get here? I’ve met you only one time and that one time is enough for you to like me?” He said, “I like the way you are. You have a slim waist with a little bum, just the way I like it.” Honestly, there was nothing about him I found intriguing. I didn’t even remember him. I declined his love proposal; “Thank you but I don’t like you.” Again, he left the scene and never contacted me again.

    I had completed school and was doing my national service in one of the government institutions. I was at work one day when this guy reappeared out of nowhere. He didn’t come because of me. He came to transact business and as if it was written in our stars to meet that day, I was the one who attended to him. He did his business and left. He came back again another purposely to see me. When we talked, he confessed his love for me again. I told him I didn’t feel anything for him but he wouldn’t accept it. He continued coming until I decided to give him a chance. He was the second person I was going to date. After a year in the relationship, I realized I still didn’t feel anything for him but I kept going, hoping things would change along the line. Love has wings. It flies to us when we least expected it. I was waiting for love to fly to us.

    Another year came to pass. Nothing had changed so I tried to break up with him. I tried it on several occasions but he refused to let me go. It didn’t help matters that I had introduced him to my family. As the only daughter among six sons, and of course, a daddy’s girl, I couldn’t hide anything from my family except that the man I introduced to them was someone I didn’t have any love for. While I was battling with the issues in my heart, he was serious about the relationship and was carrying it to another level.

    We started talking marriage and by the time I knew it, we had started marriage counseling in his church.

    I felt I had to reciprocate his seriousness to the relationship so I introduced him to my pastor. When I took him to my pastor, he asked him, “What do you do in your church?” He answered, “Nothing.” My pastor advised, “Go and join a ministry in your church. After that, we can talk about your plans of marrying my daughter.” When we left the church, my boyfriend was very angry. He didn’t understand why my pastor asked him to join a ministry in the church, Two months later my…. Tap Here To Continue Reading For More Details. … Share

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