Thursday, December 1, 2022

    Man Gave a Beggar His Last 2k, Only For Him To Discovered That The Beggar Has Bundles Of Money Inside His Bags (Video)


    Man Dashes Beggar who Claimed to be a Stranded Pastor His Last N2K Only for an Angry mob to search the Beggar and find him with Huge Stash of Money (Video)

    Nigerian man left in the state of devastation after he allegedly gave a beggar who claimed to be a stranded pastor his last two thousand Naira and later discovered that the man has more money than him.

    According to the video footage, the young Nigerian boy was said has given the beggar a sum of 2k out of his generosity however something propelled him and some other boys with him to search the man bags because he was looking suspicious, upon their search they discovered that the man has bundled of money stored inside the bags he was holding

    But him was pretending to be broke and stranded while soliciting for aims despite having much money with him, which they suspected that he might has gotten the money through illicit way, Upon interrogation the man admitted that… Tap Here To Watch Video And Continue Reading. .. Share

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