Week 10 Eviction Poll in BBNaija 2019


Week 10 Eviction Poll in BBNaija 2019.

It’s another voting week in the Big Brother Naija 2019
reality show on the online poll in week ten (10)

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Here is a breakdown of how the live nomination went and
names of housemates up for eviction this week.

List of Nomination
Result for Week 10 in BBNaija 2019

Below is how the nomination went during the Monday’s Live
Nomination Show in Big Brother Naija [Week Ten]:

  1. Mike
    – Nominated [Frodd and Seyi]
  2. Ike
    Nominated [Venita and Khafi]
  3. Omashola
    – Nominated [Elozonam and Diane]
  4. Diane
    – Nominated [Omashola and Venita]
  5. Frodd
    – Nominated [Omashola and Elozonam]
  6. Cindy
    – Nominated [Diane and Seyi]
  7. Elozonam
     – Nominated [Seyi and Mike]
  8. Mercy
    – Nominated [Omashola and Venita]
  9. Venita
    – Nominated [Frodd and Khafi]
  10. Khafi
    – Nominated [Elozonam and Venita]
  11. Tacha
    – Nominated [Mercy and Frodd]
  12. Seyi
    – Nominated [Mercy and Frodd]

Big Brother Naija
2019 Week 10 Nomination List

It was nomination as usual, as all housemates went into the
diary room to nominate two fellow housemates for possible eviction in week 10
of the reality show.

Housemates nominated are as follows including Khafi that was
replaced by the Veto Power holder, Seyi.

  3. FRODD
  5. KHAFI

Week 10 Eviction Poll in BBNaija 2019

Note that Ike and Mercy who are this week’s Head of House
automatically means Ike is immune to nominations after an agreement between Ike
and Mercy while Seyi Awolowo, the Veto Power Holder saved himself and replaced with

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