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    IN GHANA: Plus Size Lady Abigail Mesmerises Men On Show With Her Huge Curves


    The latest conversations about Date Rush have been dominated by a young lady called Abigail who appeared in the last episode

    Abigail popped up on stage with a very well-endowed figure which got many of the contestants drooling and wanting to go on a date with

    After sweeping many of the contestants off their feet, Abigail selected a young man called Hortons as her date

    A well-endowed lady named Abigail turned heads as she appeared on the latest of Date Rush the popular dating reality show on TV3.

    Abigail, a lady blessed with a shapely figure and a big backside, swept almost everybody on the show and many of those monitoring online of their feet.

    Appearing on stage, Abigail rocked a sleek red dress which hugged her body and showed off her contours very well.

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    Immediately after she appeared on the stage, she caught the attention of the 10 male contestants who were vying to grab an opportunity to go on a date with her. Even though she did not dance so much, her physical endowments were more than enough to catch the attention of the guys.

    Watch Abigail’s appearance below:

    She got all the guys interested in her and they left their rushes (lights) on. But she whittled it down to two of the contestants, Hortons and Harrison.

    After asking a question about where each of them wanted to be in the next three years, Abigail opted to give the chance of a date with her to Hortons.

    See the video below:

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