BBNaija Fans reacts to Tacha’s claim of achieving more than Seyi at 23


BBNaija Fans reacts to Tacha’s claim of achieving more than Seyi at 23.

Big Brother Naija
2019 reality TV show witness another dramatic night during the live eviction

BBNaija Tacha, has stirred reactions online for attacking fellow housemate, Seyi on Sunday night.

Tacha had on Sunday during BBNaija live eviction show claimed Seyi has not achieved what she has at the age of 23 years old.

Taking a swipe at
Seyi while speaking to Ebuka, Tacha stressed that Seyi’s age does not mean he
has sense, adding that ‘Wisdom is not in age,’ that age is just number.

Likewise, Seyi
described Tacha as a “little girl who tries to act gangster.”

Tacha’s ‘achievement’
statement has since stirred reactions from Nigerian on Twitter, who drew
comparisons between Tacha and Seyi’s achievements outside BBNaija house.

Some Reactions from the Twitter Community:

@Wizman4 “Tacha’s
achievements at 23 are

  • A tattoo of Davido on her chest
  • Bleaching
  • Twerking, The list is unending.”

@AdebiyiDeeone “Seyi
has starred in several TV commercials. Featured on several organization
commercials like; Etisalat, Herbal toothpaste, Broken casts and crew. He was
also involved in the campaign for former Governor Ambode.

Seyi is a PhD holder.
Tell me, what has Tacha has achieved.”

“Tacha came from a regular Nigerian middle class family (correct me if am
wrong) Uncle Seyi came from a well-known Family that their name alone will
automatically open doors for you so yea if he hadn’t been Awolowo’s grandson.”

@Phabpresh “If not
for Big Brother, Tacha can never get close to Seyi, let’s fact be facts, only
Seyi name alone would open doors for him, which reputable brands will want to
get involved with an Instagram twerker who talks sh!t, if not for Instagram.

@Ajaosinmisola “Tacha
said what she has achieved at 23 Seyi hasn’t achieved it, I guess she knows
nothing about him. Please Tacha tell us your achievements apart from the
celebrity tattoo on your chest to gain attention.”

@Verablingz “Without
his generational name Seyi wouldn’t be anywhere close to the Big Brother house
nor gotten any sh!t in life at all. Tacha was able to get something without a
generational name. She worked hard even if na by going semi n*de on Instagram.”

@Tcarmen22 “I was
about to be angry at Tacha (Still is) until I remembered Seyi said hurtful
things to Tacha this early Sunday morning and she surprisingly didn’t insult
him back. This tonight was her pepper him day. As Ebuka said, dish what you can
take too.”

@Holabizy “seems
people don’t understand this whole Seyi and Tacha thing..We are not asking
Tacha not to dish it out to Seyi, we’re simply saying her responses aren’t
always technical. It only shows emptiness!

@Kolaibi07 “She
should just shut up! He became a medical doctor at 23 and have already got a
name for himself through adverts in Coca Cola and etisalat! Olosho Tacha should
shut up! Educationally she is inferior to Seyi.”

@iam_acronym “So
Tacha thinks because Seyi doesn’t have the likes and followers on Instagram, he
is a nobody. Mama said if not for Big Brother in his life. Should we tell her?

@Sharonstar202 “But
aside from Seyi’s surname, what has he really achieved. Dude is always bragging
with his grand dad’s name.”

@DYJBNL_com “Seyi
should have used the PhD to go do something else instead of going for big
brother I stand with Tacha today.”

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