They Killed My Father In Nigeria, UK Asylum Seeker Claims |


A UK asylum seeker, Osiama Mike, has said that he fled Nigeria after authorities killed his father.

Mr Osiama, 27, is one of the migrants in the French city of Calais, who have faced clampdown by the police.

The migrants have been arriving in droves in France through the Channel as smugglers have been reportedly telling them that they would not be able to cross the area after Brexit which is expected to happen on October 31.Police raided illegal migrant camps on the outskirts of Calais on Thursday morning, Igbere reports.

The site, dotted with tents where 200 people had been living, was first cleared on Wednesday but people began to return within hours. It is now expected to be fenced off to stop refugees returning.

Osiama, who has been there for nearly two months, said: “This place is terrible. I’m trying my best to go to the UK. I’ve tried four times to get on a truck but they catch me and take me back.

“The UK taught me how to speak English. I want to learn more. I don’t speak French. I want to study and be a lawyer. If I could speak to the UK Government, I would say, ‘Give me a chance. Please don’t allow me to stay here.’”

Border Force cutters are continuing to patrol the Channel while drones, CCTV and night vision goggles are used.

A charity, Care4Calais, says that allowing migrants to claim asylum for the UK from France would stop the surge in perilous Channel crossings.

The number of migrants taken in by UK authorities so far this year is thought to have already passed 1,000.

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