Friday, March 31, 2023

    Shock As Popular Rapper Lifts Up British PM’s “Head” During His Performance


    Mercury Prize

    The rapper held up Johnson’s “head”


    English rapper slowthai stunned Mercury Prize viewers last night when he held up an effigy of Boris Johnson’s severed head.

    The Brit stripped to the waist and yelled “f*** Boris Johnson. F*** everything” during the show at the Eventim Apollo in London, which was being live-streamed on the BBC.


    Slowthai, real name Tyron Frampton, was cheered as he left the stage after performing song Doorman.

    Award host Lauren Laverne said after his rant: “slowthai, with his own views there.”

    He later posed on Instagram wearing a t-shirt in a “f**k Boris” t-shirt as he posed with the effigy of the Prime Minister’s decapitated head.

    Today, Conservative MPs expressed outrage to Sun Online at the shocking stunt.

    Tobias Ellwood told Sun Online: “This stunt didn’t attempt to criticise policy or any one issue, but sickeningly attacked an individual.”

    Mark Francois said: “I have never heard of Mr slowthai, but clearly he would never win many points in an etiquette contest.

    “Personally, I think holding up a purported severed head of the Prime Minister is extremely distasteful, and I think most fair-minded people would think likewise.”

    Nigel Farage attacked slowthai’s “absolutely disgusting” antics.

    The shocking stunt comes after Jo Brand sparked outrage by joking about throwing battery acid at politicians.

    Slowthai’s antics stunned viewers, who took to social media to tweet about his act.

    One person said: “Someone’s probably going to end up getting killed because of this move.

    “This is really dumb, embarrassing and dangerous.”



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