Friday, January 27, 2023

    Israel Adesanya told to use poison or knives against Alex Pereira


    This was the third time Pereira would defeat Adesanya the first two times in kickboxing events that took place in 2016 and 2017.

    Pereira has now stripped Adesanya of the UFC middleweight title and there are suggestions as to how he can return to the top of the division.

    Adesanya in the first UFC outing against Pereira dominated the fight and was ahead three rounds to one on the judges’ scorecard.

    Pereira was however able to produce a dominant display in the fifth round with a combination of punches to knockout Adesanya,

    Chris Curtis a contender in the UFC middleweight has explained that Pereira is Adesanya’s “personal boogeyman”.

    According to Curtis, Adesanya cannot beat Pereira given the results in their last three fights.

    Curtis explained that Adesanya may now have to use poison to have an opportunity the next time, he fights Pereira.

    Speaking with Helen Yee, Curtis said “God, I’m not even an Izzy fan. Anyone that knows me, I get a lot of s*** for not being an Izzy fan. Just not a fan.

    “But I actually feel bad for Izzy. Like bro, you have your own personal boogeyman. How many times can you do everything right and the dude’s like, ‘and last second, ahaha! I win!

    “Like, he was winning the fight, what I thought it could have been four rounds to one maybe.

    “Like going to have that fight ended, he was two minutes from like retaining his title. And Pereira does it again. You got your own personal f***ing boogeyman. That is miserable.

    “At that point, you just have to poison him. Because like you can’t defeat him in one-on-one combat so we’ve got to do the gladiator thing and like stab him or poison him before the fight. I think he’s played that s*** off.

    “Because if one dude kept hounding me down my entire career and beating me, I’m going to come find you at home. I’m settling this with knives, I don’t care.”

    Curtis is ranked number 14 in the UFC middleweight division and is known to criticize Adesanya on several occasions.

    It is expected that the UFC will sanction a rematch between Pereira and Adesanya in early 2023.

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