Friday, January 27, 2023

    The media launches all out war against Cristiano Ronaldo


    This has caused fans of his to question the intentions of these media sources, as many of them claim these inquiries into the affairs of who they call GOAT are made in bad faith and it is all in the workings of the media who are trying to sling mud at a man whose celebration now mimics those who wear white.

    Cristiano Ronaldo has been victim to a lot of bad press recently with different stories coming up about him that show him in a bad light.

    A lot of the build up to present happenings started in the summer of 2021 when he wanted to leave Juventus, with many clubs linked with him, many of who were said to have rejected him by the same ‘media sources’, before finding himself back at the club where stardom started for him in Manchester United.

    His first season at Man United had a lot of ups and downs, a manager was fired and an interim that was not even a manager was hired, but Ronaldo still came up with 20 goals, as a machine of that purpose that he is.

    The attention and bad press intensified the summer of 2022 as he tried to force a move out of Manchester United over the European competition they would be competing in for the season, then family issues meant he had to resume preseason late, and when he did resume, he left a preseason friendly that nobody cares about, then he refused to come on after getting disrespected by a manager who has not achieved half as much as he has, then he walked out of another match again-this match more people cared about than the last- but it does not matter, he is the GOAT, then he did a tell all interview where he said he does not respect his manager amongst other cataclysmic things, and then went the media working overtime trying to make him look bad.

    Let us be serious here, the mere suggestion of this is laughable actually. It is funny in a way that makes you- what the actual, and many curse words after because the thought process is baffling

    Ronaldo’s PR team is amazing actually, thumbs up to them as it is not easy to make genuinely smart people- and many of his fans who champion these thoughts are genuinely smart people- move like zombies that cannot discern for themselves.

    It is worrying now, like a movie script passed down to the fans of the GOAT while staring down the barrel, a new line sent down from the grand puppeteer as defence against those who dare speak against the unoffending GOAT

    ‘The media are against him and that’s why all this is happening’

    Those who have not drunk from the Stan basin are now being gaslighted, as if our lived experiences were a lie, as if nothing led to the extra coverage, as if it is unprecedented and the only instance of it in this sport of ours.

    It is crazy at this point, one side of the divide has to be.

    A coordinated defence like no other, you have most like heard a friend or colleague that is a Ronaldo fan say those words or different versions of it, all containing the word Media, like they have SEO in mind ‘The media are trying to make him look bad’, ‘The media are trying to use him to sell stories’ the media this and the media that and Ronaldo doing nothing just minding his business.

    They all started saying these media phrases out of the blue all at the same time like Darkseid activated the anti life equation, and they are all under a spell chanting messages passed on from above.

    Yes there is extreme media attention on him, but the media does not operate in a vacuum, nor work on farming the noble gases in air. They are fixated on him because his acts are news, very bad acts in fact, and news get multiple coverages, and for every act there are multiple coverages, and he keeps acting.

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