Fire Resistant Coconut Husks Can Replace Wood And Save Millions Of Trees


 Whole forests are getting destroyed around the world and no one seems to do anything about it. Governments are not quick to react and protect our Earth’s lungs. When they do take action, it could already be too late. Thankfully, some people are constantly working on a solution to this problem, looking for alternatives to wood as a manufacturing material. A Dutch company called CocoPallet recently started a campaign promoting fire-resistant coconut husks that can replace wood in manufacture and save the planet.

CocoPallet’s coconut husks are much cheaper than wood and more durable and practical. They can be used for shipping pallets which are used around the globe and save more than 200 million trees annually. The technology is not CocoPallet’s idea – it was originally developed by the Wageningen University. However, it was CocoPallet’s founder Michiel Vos who commercialized it.

The university originally found a way to craft objects out of plant fiber, but never thought of coconuts. One day, an Indonesian man visited the scientists behind the study and showed them a robust hardboard made out of coconut bark. It’s a recyclable product found across Asia and a much cheaper alternative to wood.

Asia produces a huge amount of coconuts and every day, there’s an enormous pile of wasted coconut husks left to rot away. CocoPallet now uses these husks to craft products and prevent deforestation while also giving farmers a decent income by buying the husks.

Working in collaboration with Wageningen University, CocoPallet has created world-class pallets which don’t differ from wood pallets in sturdiness or finesse. They are a great environmental and economical solution to deforestation, saving more than 200 million trees every year.

The coconut husks pallets are already popular in Asia, and Vos hopes that their popularity soon spreads across Europe and the world. He says that the pallets are cheap and sustainable, lighter than wood pallets, fire-resistant, and take up less space. In short, they may be the long-sought solution to deforestation and quite a cheap one at that.

Check out CocoPallet’s presentation on the amazing coconut husks pallets:

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