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Hugging is The Most Beautiful Form of Communication

Humans communicate verbally. We express and share ideas by talking, but there are other ways to express your thoughts and emotions beside it. How about body language? For example, recent studies have revealed that hugging may be the deepest form of communication between humans. It is used to express gratitude and love, but may also be a great way to express fear and sadness.

According to experts, the average human needs around 4 hugs for survival. The bigger the number of hugs, the better. Eight are enough for maintenance, while 12 hugs are just enough for growth. It’s not just a form of communication. Scientists now believe that the effect of hugs goes beyond emotional, presenting them as vital for our wellbeing.

Here are some of the surprising effects of hugs:

Support the Immune System

It may seem strange, bug hugs really do support our immune system. By putting pressure on the sternum, they open up Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra then stimulates the thymus and helps the body create white blood cells. In this way, it supports our immune system in the fight against various intruders.

Lowers Stress and Relaxes the Muscles

Since it’s a deep connection on an emotional level, hugs can easily reduce stress. This was even proved in a 2013 study. Hugs can improve the mood of people and provide real warmth and closeness, something we can’t say for any other form of communication.

At the same time, hugging relaxes the muscles in our bodies which alleviates pain and boosts circulation. If you’re in any kind of physical pain, hugging can help.

Balance the Nervous System

Surprisingly, hugs can balance the nervous system as well. The skin-on-skin contact changes the organ’s conductivity, which indicates a balanced state in the parasympathetic system. Hugging also helps the body produce more of the oxytocin hormone which results in happiness and euphoria.

Relieves Anxiety

A 2013 study showed that hugging can subdue fear and relieve anxiety. They are especially effective in people with low self-esteem who often suffer from some form of anxiety. If you have a friend or partner like that, hugging can help them overcome their fears and make them feel better.

Provides Solace

Hugging is a great way to provide solace to people who are grieving. It can calm the soul and soothe pain, giving the grieving person strength to go on.

As you can see, hugs are much more beneficial for our health than you might have thought. Go on – hug someone you like and make their day a tad better.

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