Friday, December 9, 2022

    2023: Satguru Maharaj Ji Cautions Against Imposition of New Zoning Arrangement


    A cleric, Satguru Maharaj Ji has warned against the imposition of new zoning arrangement for the nation’s number one seat in the 2023 general elections.

    Naijatell reports that Maharaj Ji gave the warning at a news conference in Satguru Maharaj Ji Village, Iju, Lagos, over the weekend.

    He was reacting to various comments in the media by political players that North will retain power in 2023, against the widely held belief that power should shift to the Southern region.

    Maharaj Ji said, “There is nothing wrong for the North to want to drop the existing unofficial zoning of Presidency for eight (8) years in a two tenure arrangement but the North and indeed all Nigerians and lovers of peace and tranquility ought to know that the Zoning is like a house with so many apartments, like a) Federal Character, b) six (6) geographical Units, c) haphazard delineation of 774 LGAS by the military which did not take full cognizance of other over populated States like Lagos because they, the military heads, were unpatriotic, deep rooted in tribalism and anti nationalism, etc.

    “So all these and many others have to be looked into but if they feel they want to force it on Ijaws, Igbos and Yorubas, etc., they should realize that such a dream cannot happen.

    “They should remember the support the ordinary southerner has given to the North all these years and the urgent need to come down to enable this project Nigeria work to enable the black race re emerge in global world.”

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