My Father Not Arranging A New Wife For Buhari, Says Mamman Daura’s Daughter


Fatima Daura, the daughter of Mamman Daura, one of the closest allies of President Buhari, has denied reports that her father is arranging a second wife for the President.

Recall that last week Friday October 12th, rumors were rife on social media that President Buhari was planning to take a second wife.

The rumor mongers alleged that the president was about to take Sadiya Umar Farouq, the minister of humanitarian affairs, as a wife and that Mamman Daura, was behind it all.

In an interview with BBC Hausa Service, Fatima denied the allegation, saying her father and President Buhari who have both known each other since their childhood days, are monogamists.

In her words; “Wallahi, it is a lie. It is all part of what I am saying about the false allegations against our father. He is not even aware of the rumours about the marriage issue because he doesn’t use the social media.

They are both monogamous. Both my dad and the president practice monogamy. They are all lies aimed at blackmailing him. They keep falsely accusing him. It does not tally with reason,” she said.

Fatima also denied claims that her dad is allegedly the head of ”a cabal” that controls the Buhari presidency. Aisha Buhari had in the past alleged that some persons have taken control of her husband’s government.

Fatima while denying the allegation that her father was controlling President Buhari, said

“I think the question should be directed to her (Aisha). If one would be objective, one would understand that they (Buhari and Daura) grew up together, shared the same friends and did a lot of things together, so if any one is appointed that is close to our dad, that person is also close to the president.

They have been together and they do things together. Everyone has his own confidant that he listens to. I think that is the reason for the allegations. They are very close friends. They are also related by blood so there is no way you can separate them.

Wallahi, it is not like that. You guys are journalists, you can investigate and see how our father is. He is a shy fellow, doesn’t talk a lot and hardly cares about other people’s businesses. Even we as his children, he doesn’t impose things on us.

You know the president can seek his advice but he is not the kind of fellow that will impose or insist on something. He can simply advise and stay away at home minding his business. He hardly speaks, he is 80 years old.

When you talk to him about the allegations, he says you should not bother yourselves, that God is clearing his sins by such false accusations. If you are reasonable, you will see that the powers being allotted to our father by his accusers are wrong. It is only God that has such powers. It doesn’t make sense.

Definitely, it is sad to hear your father being wrongly accused. But for the fact that our father is solely dependent on God and we are also like that, it doesn’t bother us much.

We see it as the price we have to pay for being loyal to the president, for being there for him and for supporting him. One day, the truth will come out,” she said.

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