Ahead of the official commencement of the voter registration exercise tomorrow 30th June 2020, which is being organized by the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) to pave way for the December 7th Elections, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Tamale Central Constituency, Dr. Ibrahim Anyars is calling out the people of Tamale Central in their large numbers to register their names and vote.

According to Dr. Anyars, the new register must be taken seriously since it is the trump card for the December 7th Presidential and Parliamentary elections. He further reminded the people to also make it a top priority to observe all the necessary COVID-19 preventive and safety protocols. He made this call in a press statement released on Monday.

Below is the full statement:

Your Vote Is Crucial To Tamale Central

The compilation of a New Voters Registration begins on Tuesday 30th June, 2020. As residents, we must take the new registration exercise seriously. A Voters ID Card is not only a trump card for the December 7th Presidential and Parliamentary Elections but it is also another form of national identity. This is not a call to foment trouble or cause disruption, we must make it a peaceful exercise that all of us must are proud to be a part of.

The development of our constituency is critical and essential and we cannot, therefore, leave this crucial decision to others. Let us all register and vote for the development of Tamale Central Constituency. Our Constituency is cosmopolitan and urbanized, so my plea is that all residents must stay here and register to vote here. You live here, your families are here, and your businesses are here, it’s therefore vital to make a decision to vote here. Be part of the decision that affects your essential livelihood.

During the various sensitization tour to groups to get them informed about the new voter’s register, myself and the NPP Tamale Central Team enhanced broader education to constituents on COVID-19 protocols. We plead with you to adhere to the existing preventive measures to continuously keep us all safe and well. Washing hands, using sanitizers, wearing a mask, and keeping the appropriate social distance are well known to us all, as protocols worth following.

On the rationale for the new register, it is important that all political parties are aware of the deficiencies in the existing register. Any attempt to improve the current one is a welcome decision, as recently endorsed by our courts. However, we must all ensure we do not repeat the behaviors that compromise the integrity of the new register.

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana

Long Live Ghana

Long Live The Great Elephant NPP!!!


Dr. Ibrahim Anyars Imoro

NPP Parliamentary Candidate for the

Tamale Central Constituency

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