One person has been killed while a retired US Army officer Maj. Jide Ijadare and one other person have been abducted in Ekiti, police said on Tuesday.

Ekiti police spokesperson Sunday Abutu said the incident occurred in Ijan Ekiti, Gbonyin Local Government area of the state.


“We can confirm to you that a retired U.S. soldier and one other were kidnapped around 2:00p.m today (Tuesday),” he said.

“One person was also killed during the attack at a factory in Ijan Ekiti where the two persons were kidnapped.

“The Police Commissioner has drafted policemen to the place and we are combing the bushes where they escaped into.

“The police is working with local hunters to ensure that these kidnappers are arrested and prosecuted.”


The incident came barely 24 hours after the director of general administration in the state’s Local Government Service Commission David Jejelowo was reportedly killed in his house by unknown gunmen.

The retired US soldier, a native of Ijan Ekiti, was kidnapped in his palm oil producing factory located on Ijan-Ise-Ekiti road.

The suspected kidnappers, said to be seven in number, had invaded the factory where they shot dead one person in a bid to kidnap the retired army officer and the other victim.



Gregory University Uturu, Abia State


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