First Lady Aisha Buhari has said that she cannot be stopped from voicing out her opinion on issues in the country.

Speaking on Thursday from London as a guest caller on the popular TVC programme, Journalists’ Hangout, Aisha also criticised government’s response to issues of less importance.

When asked if she had been told to stop talking, she answered: “Who will stop me? Everybody is talking in the country. Everybody should talk. It is freedom of speech.”

Aisha had severally in the past raised alarm over an alleged cabal which had taken over her husband’s government.

The first lady, however, clarified that she did not specifically blame governors for the country’s woes when she spoke last week at the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs General Assembly and National Executive Council Meeting.

“We are all suffering from it. Whether you are an executive or ordinary citizen. We can’t go to our villages and sleep with two eyes closed. It cuts across,” she said.

On her support for the social media bill, she said: “There are no consequences for offenders. You say anything you like and get away with it. We cannot have peace in such a society.

Once there are no consequences, everybody does whatever he likes. Everything will be in disarray.”


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