Nigerians on Twitter have criticised media personality, Daddy Freeze, who is known for his controversial views on religion, politics, and other issues, for promoting Hushpuppi who was on June 10, arrested in Dubai for allegedly defrauding almost two million people of about N168bn.

Many wondered why Daddy Freeze, who frequently attacks pastors and politicians, did not extend the same energy to Hushpuppi after a video from his 2019 mini-documentary on the social media celebrity resurfaced.

In the video, the 44-year-old radio presenter, whose real name is Ifedayo Olarinde, can be heard chuckling as Hushpuppi boasts that his driver and cook earn more than commissioners, local government chairmen and bank managers in Nigeria.

“Hushpuppi’s driver is on 700K a month. You guys are abusing him. You are working houseboy work, they are paying you 35 thousand then you go on Instablog and abuse Hushpuppi…,” he said.

UK based Nigerian medical doctor, Harvey Olufunmilayo, tweeting through his handle, @DrOlufunmilayo, said, “Daddy Freeze will drag pastors for fraud. Same person is in this video laughing with Hushpuppi. We must drag fraudsters. Whether pastors, politicians or yahoo boys.

“Since all of you are scared, I will help you say it: Daddy Freeze is a complete disgrace. Ogbomosho Ryan Seacrest.”

@TheIfedolapo also tweeted, “Daddy Freeze who is a lion when it comes to attacking pastors became camera-hypeman for Hushpuppi. Two types of frauds; different loyalties.”

@Waffirian_ tweeted, “Daddy Freeze was eating and drinking with Hushpuppi, he would still use that same mouth to drag some pastors. Bloody hypocrite.”

@Diceyprince_ said it was unfortunate that Daddy Freeze could discourage Christians from paying tithes because he believes pastors are fraudsters but could in the same breadth encourage Hushpuppi’s fraudulent lifestyle.

“Daddy Freeze would discourage y’all from paying tithe then go and dine with a fraudster, eat rice and turkey and take tour of his house. By his logic aren’t both of them doing fraud? A whole hypocrite and a half,” he tweeted.

@IamRouvafe tweeted, “Let it be on record that Daddy Freeze who goes about criticizing everyone gave Hushpuppi a platform to showcase his ill gotten wealth and even talk down on hard working men and women. It is also on record that Daddy Freeze ate from the proceeds of Hushpuppi’s crime; literally.”

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