Stress gets even the best of us. No matter how calm you are, it can strike anytime and throw you off balance. Stress harms us in more ways than you think. It’s not just the crippling nervousness – it also affects us physically. Leave it unresolved for a long time, and you’ll surely lose weight. Of course, it’s not a healthy way of losing weight, no matter how much it slims you down.

For every person on Earth, there are different stress triggers. Pinpointing yours can be equally hard as adapting and dealing with the emotions when under stress. But, what if there was a simple way of overcoming anxiety and stress and preventing it from ruining you?

Locating your triggers is the first step. You need to be able to find what makes you nervous and what triggers anxiety in you. Then you can adopt a simple 21-day challenge which will eliminate the tension and stress you’re suffering from and prevent it from destroying your life.

21-Day Anxiety Challenge

Week 1

Objective Nr. 1 – Start with a Mantra

On the first day, you need to devise a mantra and use it every day. What gets you in a pinch? What’s your obsession? Base your mantra on this and let it ground you. Starting your day with this mantra is the first step toward eliminating stress.

Objective Nr. 2 – Meditation

Meditation can help you relax better than anything else. Everyone meditates in a different way. Some contemplate with their favorite music, while others concentrate on their thoughts. Whatever works for you, do it. Meditation is a great way to calm your mind.

Objective Nr. 3 – Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is much more than a simple relaxation technique. Do it for 5-10 minutes per day and it won’t only relax your mind, it will help you find peace and tranquility in life. Just make sure to do it properly – you need deep breaths in and out. Take your time – rushing things won’t help.

Objective Nr. 4 – Write a Diary

Dumping your thoughts on paper can be pretty helpful when you’re trying to eliminate anxiety. For the following 21 days, write how you feel in a diary. It’s much more cathartic and stress-relieving than you think. Try it – you’ll be surprised by how effective it is.

Objective Nr. 5 – Find a Goal

Without an objective at the end of the challenge, there’s no point in doing it. It doesn’t matter what the goal is. It can be to lose a certain amount of weight or save some money. You’ll have something to work on for 21 days. Once you set a goal in your sights, everything will be clearer and easier.

Objective Nr. 6 – Stop Drinking so Much Coffee

Caffeine is a well-known stimulant that can trigger anxiety attacks. Cut it out during this period and you’ll stand a much better chance to let go of the anxiety.

Week 2

Objective Nr. 1 – Start Organizing Stuff

Use a calendar to schedule your week. Circle important events and arrangement and remember everything you’ve arranged before the challenge. It will help you avoid daily stressors and commit yourself to the goals.

Objective Nr. 2 – Evaluate Your Priorities

What are your goals in life? Evaluate what your priorities are and stick to them. They will help you focus and keep your head clear.

Objective Nr. 3 – Paint!

Coloring something has been known to calm the nerves down. Just doodle something (no matter your artistic capabilities) and start coloring it. You’ll instantly feel calmer and more relaxed and be able to focus on your goals.

Objective Nr. 4 – Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is surprisingly one of the key things to keep in mind when you’re trying to beat anxiety. Drink half of your weight in oz. every day. This will ensure you’re properly hydrated. If you’re not, you might get nervous which is taking a step back when you want to beat anxiety.

Week 3

Nr. 1 – Get off Social Media

At the start of the second week, you need to take a break from social networks. Log off your computer, your phone, tablet or whatever. Social media affects us in more ways than you can imagine, and not all of them are good. You can live without Facebook and Twitter for a few weeks. Imagine the time before them? Weren’t we just happier?

Nr. 2 – Treat Yourself to a Bath

A bath with soothing essential oils such as lavender will relax your body and mind. Saunas are great too. Whichever you choose, you’ll be removing tons of toxins from your body that cloud your mind and make you feel bad.

Objective Nr. 3 – Enjoy Nature!

When you’re trying to eliminate that crippling fear of anxiety, the key is not to sit home alone. Go outside and enjoy nature – a walk with your headphones on and your favorite tunes can do wonders for your racing mind.

Objective Nr. 4 – Socialize with Others

Staying socially connected is vital when you’re trying to deal with anxiety. Humans are social creatures. We need to talk to others in order to survive and this need is bigger when you’re trying to fight anxiety. Just talk to others – a normal conversation can go a long way to defeat anxiety.

Although the challenge might look too much on paper, we assure you that it’s worth it. Once you complete it, you’ll feel more relaxed and calmer and grow as a person. You’ll adopt new healthy habits that will keep stress and anxiety away from you.


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