Everyone has struggled with the problem of the annoying belly fat at some point in their lives. It affects our self-esteem, but numerous health conditions also appear, like: type 2 diabetes and heart problems. It would be a good thing to be able to burn the stubborn abdominal fat since it will help you avoid different health risks.

Belly fat can be estimated when the waist circumference is measured. This can be done with a simple is tape measure at home. Men with 40 inches of abdominal fat and women with 35 inches of it are considered to have abdominal obesity.

You probably wonder what you can do to decrease that fat around your waistline. You can follow several tips that will offer you benefits, and here, we’re presenting you the best that will help you achieve this at the comfort of your own home.

1. Track Your Meals

It’s very important to be aware of what you eat. Many people think that eating healthy meals which are high in proteins and low in carbs is the best thing they can do, but this isn’t true. You need to track the foods you’re consuming for a while.

If you want to have a greater intake of protein to 30% of calories, it won’t be enough to just eat foods that are rich in protein. You’ll have to measure everything. There are online apps and online calorie calculators that will help you keep track of everything you’re eating.

If you do this in several months, you’ll notice great changes and you’ll be adjusted to burn that annoying abdominal fat!

2. Work Out

You’ve probably heard and read that this is among the most important things. You’ll obtain numerous health benefits and not only decreased abdominal fat.

Remember not to focus on one target area only, because this isn’t possible and it won’t help you achieve your goal.

According to different studies, aerobic exercises like running, swimming and walking can really help you eliminate abdominal fat. Exercising will help you regain the abdominal fat, but you’ll also decrease the levels of blood sugar, minimalize inflammation, etc.

3. Consume Foods High In Fiber

Plant matter which can’t be digested is dietary fiber. If you consume a lot of fiber, you’ll manage to lose weight, but make sure that you understand that not every type of fiber is equal.

Your weight can be affected with soluble and viscous fiber which are usually combined with water so that they create a kind of thick gel which becomes stored inside your digestive system.

It will decrease the speed used to absorb nutrients and digest foods, but also slow down the movement of food. You’ll have a decreased appetite and you’ll feel full for a longer period of time.

Studies claim that it would be the best for us to consume from 10 to 14 grams of soluble fiber a day to decrease the intake of calories and lose some weight.

You can include more fiber with the help of fruits and vegetables. You can also consume whole oats, cereals and legumes.

There is also a fiber supplement on the market which is called glucomannan and is among the best viscous fibers. Many studies have already proved that it burns abdominal fat.

4. Avoid Carbs

You’ll really manage to lose body fat with the help of carb restriction. When people avoid carbs, they lose weight as well as their appetite. There are also more results from low-carb than from low-fat diets.

Low-carb diets will help you lose your water weight faster and see fast results.

There are numerous studies which show that low-carb diets usually act on the abdominal fat, as well as on other organs, like our liver. Abdominal fat is very dangerous. Try to avoid refined carbs like candy, sugar and white bread.

If you want to lose weight faster, decrease your daily intake of carbs to 50 grams. Your body will reach the state of ketosis and you’ll start burning some main fats and use them as energy. These low-carb diets can also help you prevent type 2 diabetes.

5. Consume More Protein

This is a very important macronutrient if you’re striving to lose some weight. It will help you decrease the cravings by 60%, consume about 441 calories each day and also improve your metabolism by 80-100 calories a day.

Intake foods rich in protein to burn more abdominal fat. You’ll also lose weight.

You’ll have to be careful about the type of protein you’re using. It should be of a higher quality. Intake more whole eggs, dairy products, seafood, legumes, fish, nuts and meat. You can also take some protein supplement of a higher quality, like for example whey protein.

Another beneficial thing would be to cook using some coconut oil. According to a particular research, you only need 2 tablespoons a day to decrease your abdominal fat.

6. Avoid Sugar As Well As Sugary Drinks

These are considered to be among the unhealthiest types of food. They harm your health. Sugar contains 50% of fructose and 50% of glucose which have a bad effect on our liver as well as the whole metabolism.

Consuming high amount of fructose or glucose will cause more fat in your liver and more abdominal fat.

Liquid sugar also has some bad effects on our health since it is registered in our brain in a different way than solid sugars. Consuming sugary drinks will cause intaking numerous calories.

Sugary drinks are proven to be related to a 60% increased risk of obesity in children. You have to avoid these drinks: fruit juices, sugar-sweetened beverages, high-sugar sports drinks and sugary sodas.

Still, this isn’t for whole fruits as they are really nutritious and contain numerous fibers.

Reading labels can help you decrease the amounts of refined sugar you’re consuming.


These scientifically proven strategies will really help you burn all of the unwanted abdominal fat. They’re natural and really effective.

Try them out today and say goodbye to all that unwanted abdominal fat!



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