The Hatfield Marine Center at Oregon University recently shared news of a discovery of a new seaweed which isn’t that impressive by itself. What is impressive, however, is the fact that it tastes just like bacon but without the unhealthy benefits. According to scientists, it may very well be the new superfood as it was found healthier than kale.

Seaweed species are always healthy, but sadly, not a single one tasted particularly pleasing. Well, not anymore. You can now get all the vitamins and minerals this superfood rocks wrapped in a delicious package and with no fat at all. Yummy!

Dulse – a Revolutionary Seaweed Species

The species in question is known as dulse or dilsk. It can be found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and can be found in markets usually as a dry powdered supplement. According to studies, it has twice the nutritional benefits of kale which is considered to be the premier superfood in the world.

The Hatfield Marine Center study revealed that dulse can be easily farmed which opens up the door for a new industry in Oregon. The study originally intended to see if dulse is proper food for abalone. Instead, it found that the seaweed species is perfect for humans as well.

Chris Langdon, lead on the study, says that the seaweed tastes very similar to bacon when fried. The Oregon Department of Agriculture was impressed by the study and the possibilities this seaweed offers, granting the Marine Center funds for detailed research. Currently, the Marine Center is collaborating with the Portland Food Innovation Center to discover new recipes that will put dulse straight on our plates.

Scientists are confident that dulse will become pretty popular soon thanks to its bacon-like taste. If that’s really the case, the US agricultural market may have a new winner on its hands.

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