Bras is something all women wear. It’s the thing that makes them more acceptable at school or in their workplace. It provides extra support for the breasts, lifts them up and lessens women’s back pain.

But, did you know that wearing а bra all the time can actually be quite harmful? Here, we’re going to present you several reasons that will show you why it’s good to go braless.

An interesting study was performed at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Besancon in France by the Professor Jean-Denis Rouillan. This professor proved that women don’t need to wear bras. He also claims that bras don’t offer anatomic or medical benefits, but on the contrary, they actually don’t allow women’s breasts to grow and make them saggy.


The study conducted at the university included 330 volunteers aged between 18 and 35. Their breasts were measured during a period of 15 years. The first discovery proved that women’s breasts don’t sag without a bra because the women who went braless measured a 7-millimeter lift in their nipples every year. Their breasts were firmer and they also had fewer stretch marks compared to those who wore a bra.

Going braless improves women’s posture and allows the body to develop muscles underneath the breasts. Wearing a bra constantly doesn’t let women to use all of the muscles on their breasts. The breathing also improves.

These Are Some Other Reasons Why You Should Go Braless

You Spend An Eternity Looking For The Proper Bra

Shopping for a bra can be a really long and tiring process. Trying on different sizes and materials can be really boring. At the end of the day, you just think that you’ll never find the proper bra, so you leave with your hands empty. It can be really frustrating.

Bras Are Expensive

The bras which are of a better quality can be really expensive. Trying to find different types of bra, like: leisure, work, sports bra etc. can also be very expensive.

Bras Are Uncomfortable

Bras aren’t very comfortable, except for the ones without wires. In case you’re always wearing a bra that has wired, the underwire often breaks and makes it pierce your skin, so it becomes very painful. These bras are very tight making women feel trapped and suffocated.

your bras just can’t breathe if they’re inside your bra for the whole day.

You Don’t Need Them For Every Activity

We know that women are expected to wear a bra at school, at the gym, at social events, at work etc., but this is only a social norm. Women don’t have to wear a bra all the time and if they choose to go braless, it won’t be wrong.

Preteens Shouldn’t Wear Bras

Preteens should avoid wearing a bra because their breast tissue will grow better and their muscle tissue will be supported.

We know that girls between the age of 8 and 12 can wear training bras, but they shouldn’t. No medical or scientific reason proves this to be important. The development of their breasts might be slowed down, so the decision of wearing a bra shouldn’t be forced.

Why Every Woman Should Go Braless

You might feel strange if you decide not to wear a bra, but we’re suggesting you some helpful tips:

  • Start With Small Steps: It might be hard for you if you’ve been wearing a bra all the time for years, but you’ll get used to it. Start with small steps: go braless when you’re walking your dog or going to the market. After that, you can try going without a bra at social events, at school or at work.
  • Your Posture Is Important: You should remember some things when you’re not wearing a bra: your back should be straight, your head up and your shoulders back.
  • Wear A Bralette: These are more comfortable since they don’t have wires or a padding. They’re also less constricting and they make you feel good.


Every woman should choose for herself if she’s going to wear a bra or not. You have numerous benefits of not wearing a bra. Many women also consider bras sexist.

Young women should especially avoid them so that their breasts could be well developed. Try to go without a bra for one week and see what it’s like. You can decide afterwards whether you want to wear it all the time or not.


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